Happy Halloween (photo costumes throughout the years...)

 2011 - Mr. & Mrs. Ricky Ricardo (aka my husband and me)

Me as Bret Michaels & other Poison member who just happened to be at the same party!  (I'm the one on the left) Another favorite costume...

Bret Michaels (me) & Jimi Hendrix (aka husband) 2010
Jack Skeleton & and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas 2009

Later that week, I became the Devil's Advocate  (I didn't want to wear my wig anymore) 2009

One of my favorite costumes Rosie the Riveter (2008)

An Oldie-- Probably 1995/1996 - Me as Edvard Munch & my husband as  "The Scream" painting  -- Though looking back, we look as if we're hipsters...

 I hope you all find time to dress up as someone else today... 
Happy Halloween! 


  1. Great pics! I think my favorite of these is the first.

    Happy Halloween!

  2. Oh my God! Bret Michaels---so completely amazing...

    You pulled it off!

    I love a good rock star costume, especially when it involves drag. :) One year, I was Dolly Parton....that was a fun one...and also Fergie (would we call her a rock star?).


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