Confession Tuesday - The Cruise Ship Edition

Dear Reader,

It's been a Canada/Alaska/Glacier experience since I last confessed.  I've just returned from a week on an Alaskan cruise.  I confess while I love traveling, I also love returning home, but let me tell you some highlights from the cruise.

To the Confessional--

I confess I liked the cruise, but there is ultimately a cheesiness to the whole experience I have to overlook.  Like napkin folding class.  Or the entertainer who plays the piano with his feet.  But what I love is that I can travel with a large group of friends and family (with 30 people) and it's easy to coordinate.  Plus, my mum is 77 so it's a great easy vacation for her.

Also, it's such an enjoyable way to see a few cities in Alaska, a glacier, Orca whales, seals on ice (sounds like an ice skating show) and a lot of natural beauty.


I confess my two favorite Alaskan outings were taking the SkyTram up the mountain in Juneau and dogsledding with the great-grandson of the man who founded the Iditarod.  After the ride, I was able to meet all the sled dogs and spend time with puppies-- how could anyone turn down puppy time?


I confess that I am highly competitive when it comes to games.

On the cruise, we played a group game I had never played before called Quest.  This game had me bringing up my team members pants, bras and belts.  It had me racing against other women to put a lipstick print on a stranger's face (& out of about 20+ women, I was first, thank you very much).  It had another team member racing up to show his appendectomy scar & another showing her tattoo.  And I found none of this odd at the time, I just wanted to win.

I realize in time of competition I completely lose all self-consciousness.  As you see in the photo below I've got about 10 layers of lipstick on (Maybelle Go Currant, borrowed from a friend).  I also bit into a sock to make a hole in it as well as showed the judge my back teeth (though I did not get any points for this, they wanted false teeth not a crown).

This is not the actions of a sensible, serious poet.  No, this is a nut on a vacation who will do anything for a prize.  Welcome to my world.

Me in my element wearing my winning baseball cap (aka my trophy)

I confess here are a few things I did on vacation that entertained my family and made me laugh--

1)  Dropped my new sunglasses over an Alaskan cliff  (oops)

2)  Set off an alarm in the Royal BC Museum & ended up having a very interesting talk with the security guard about a stuffed mouse.

3)  Danced as a back-up dancer in the men's karaoke version of "All the Single Ladies"

4)  Tried to be hypnotized

5)  Fell into my suitcase

6)  Walked into a pole near the swimming pool

7)  Accidentally hit a man in the head with a slice of lime

I confess I am not sure I will ever lose my awkwardness, but if you can see it as charm, I'll be happy.



  1. Sounds like a lot of fun, I don't know about napkin folding class though... Your awkwardness is cute I think

  2. My mom went on a couple of Alaskan cruises. She loved it, though i don't recall any assaults with lime. ;-)

  3. Hi Kelli,
    I've been reading (and enjoying) your blog for some time. I'm a teacher and I use a lot of poetry in my classes, so I try to follow as many poetry/literacy blogs as I can. Thanks for all you do.

    I also use a lot of technology in my teaching and I blog about it. I like your Confessions series so much that I'm going to umm borrow it for my ed tech blog. The sincerest form of flattery, right? Hope that's ok.

    Keep writing. We all enjoy it.

    Ben Curran

  4. P.S. - Yes, napkin folding class is bizarro-world stuff. And I will take cute! thx!

    Fireblossom- Ha! Glad your mum was safe!

    Mama Zen- Yes, lots of fun on the Pacific Ocean.

    Ben-- As Eliot says, "The best poets steal" - feel free! I stole the idea from someone else, just one of many confessing on Tuesdays. Thanks for your note!


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