A Day At the Office

I had posted this many moons ago, but it was taken off of YouTube for some reason. I'm happy to say to it's back. This video makes me happy.

Watch it once, then watch it again looking at what's happening in the background. Too funny.

Video Description: Five brave workers decide to record themselves simultaneously at their office doing something...unthinkable...


  1. That. was. awesome.

    Seriously, made my day.

  2. I... LOVED... this! Thank you so much for posting it. I think I'll put it on my blog as well.

    Kate (OWOH #341)

  3. oh that was TOOO much fun :)
    it was probably taken down originally for using the BSB's music but now that YouTube has the buy option on the screen you can use some copyrighted music.

    Yes, I spend too much time on YouTube!

  4. Hah hah! That was so much fun! Thank you for sharing that...tee hee...


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