Who Is This Child? And What Will He Be Next? By Suzanne Paola

Wonderful article by poet & mother Suzanne Paola in the New York Times. Click above for the link.

MY son, at age 8½, changed his name to Penguin S’ Ice, and he has kept that name for almost a year now, un-bratty in his corrections, but adamant.

The “S” stands for ... I don’t know. The apostrophe is equally vague but definite. When he is asked what his name is — as kids are a half-dozen times a day — he says, “Penguin” or “Penguin S’ Ice” with a trace of discomfort but no explanation.


  1. Thank you for the link! Suzanne and her family are such wonderful people to be around, it's great to see that in NYT.

    Congrats too, on your honorable mention in North American Review. I hope to pick up one of your books soon!

  2. Rebecca--

    Thanks for the note. The article made me laugh out loud and also get that parenting feeling that balances between tears and gratitude.

    I love the line about the ginger-martinis being her "version of labor." Remarkable writing.



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