Sunday, December 01, 2013

Gift Guide for Poets & Writers: My Favorite Things

Oprah does her Favorite Things List, here's mine (specifically for poets, writers, authors, and the creative types...)

Sylvia Plath Literary flats (Shoes made to order):  $50
Just crazy cool.  She also have Batman, Edgar Allan Poe, and To Kill a Mockingbird too.


The Daily Poet: Day-By-Day Prompts For Your Writing Practice 
by Martha Silano & Kelli Russell Agodon

Had to mention this -- 366 writing prompts so you can write a poem a day! 


Moby Dick iPhone 5 Case (book case) $14.99
This is my iPhone case.  It looks like a book (or a Bible).  There's a hole in the back for the camera which is perfect!  They also have War & Peace covers in black.  Good quality for a lower price than BookBook.


Die Empty: Unleash Your Best Work Everyday by Todd Henry

Todd does the Accidental Creative Podcasts.  Also has the book Accidental Creative: How To Be Brilliant At a Moment's Notice, which I recommend as well!


The Gorgeous Nothings: Emily Dickinson's Envelope Poems
A friend bought me this and I was amazed at the quality.  It looked as if the actual letter/poem in her writing is on the page.  This book makes me want to cry when I open it because it's that beautiful.


Mark Twain Tie Tack $13.71
For the Huck Finns and Tom Sawyers in our lives...


Tommy Hilfiger Books Shirt Dress $89 Macy's

For the Ladies--
I have this dress and love it.  But I wear it with leggings because I'm tall and it's short.  Runs a tad small in the shoulders (I'm a 5' 8"& a size 6-8 in dresses, but got size L because of my giant back and monkey arms).  I think it would okay on someone who isn't built like a billboard (as I am).


Aqua Notes:
These are in my shower and I love them.  Only $7.95 too.  Mine have lasted a long time.


Beauty is Embarrassing: The Wayne White Story $18.50

My favorite documentary this year.  LOVED it.
Incredible creative person/artist who worked on PeeWee's Playhouse and does these incredible paintings with words...  Lots of F-bombs for anyone who may be offended, but another inspiring film.


Who Does She Think She Is?  DVD Documentary $14
I watch this 2-3 times a year.  For the creative woman/mother in your life.  It's all about the struggle to create and be a mom.  Fantastic and inspiring.


Midnight in Paris DVD $7.49
Woody Allen's best movie ever.  I've watched it into the double-digits.  Love the literary cameos.


Oliver Wendell Holmes Book Purse ($60 lots of other books too)


Glassybaby "Imagine" $44

This is a good gift for anyone who is hard to shop for because they are handmade and beautiful by a Seattle woman who used these to help keep her calm and centered during cancer.


This is what I use.  Help your writer friends avoid carpal tunnel.  Not a sexy gift, but useful.


Typewriter iPhone 5 Case:
Also cases for iPhone 4 & others, just search...

Retro & cute


RayBan Classic Wayfarers:
For the cool hipster writer.
But do not get New Wayfarers, as they are way too big on everyone.  Tortoise is my favorite.

~ Kells

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  1. excellent list i can't buy christmas this year but i just sent a student to purchase your new book :) <3

  2. What a fun list! I'm a big fan of Glass Baby and succumbed,, once again, to temptation. : )


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