Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Confession Tuesday: The Short Maze of Bees

Dear Reader,

It's been a week since I've last confessed.  A week and 7 - 8 drafts of new poems.

A friend sent me a YouTube link to a song I now love and I've become Pavlov's dog-- I hear the music and start writing.  I need more music like this.

I did this a few years ago while listening The Fray. I would listen to this song Over My Head (Cable Car) and How To Save A Life .  Though those poems were sad and these poems are saucy.

I confess in my head these are amazing poems, the best things I've written in awhile.

In truth they are probably not, but sometimes we just have to keep the glimpse of possibility.


I confess sometimes I confuse myself.  My head is maze of bees right now.


I confess I can't get the movie Midnight in Paris out of my head this week.  I have to watch it again.  In my regular life, I play the part of Gil, always with my Golden Age Thinking.

Another movie I need to rewatch is Il Postino.  And Frida.  I love Frida.


I've had this yearning to jump a plane to Paris.  I won't do it.  Though there was a time in my life I would.  I sometimes miss that person.


I confess I don't have a lot to confess today, so I'll keep this short.  Bees buzzing.  Honey dripping from my lips.

I'm heading out to my writing studio to write today.  And revise.


~ Kells

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