Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Confession Tuesday: Wait, What?

Dear Reader,

I know, I'm a day late.  It's been that kind of a week.  That kind of a life (she says in an exaggerated manner).

This is one of those times when it's hard to do anything well...or so it feels.   I am not someone who likes to be busy.  I like to be productive, focused, hard working, but when I feel busy like crazybusy, I know if I don't fix/change things I'll move into overwhelmed.

That's how I've felt recently.  Being a writer and poet seems like used confetti at the moment, I am scattered on the floor--colorful, but not useful.

Sometimes the other roles in one's life come forward: mother, daughter, friend, vacationer, travel assistant, organizer, teacher, mentor, secretary, camper, housekeeper, gardener, helper, caretaker, researcher.

I confess last night I could feel the tears coming though it wasn't because of anything specific, but just a small release of doing too much.

I dislike tears, all though I know they are helpful.  I confess held most of them in, but just allowing myself to realize that I'm feeling overwhelmed and behind in my life felt good.

I confess you can expect a Thankful Thursday post as gratitude has a way of reminding me of the good things in my life and there are many many good things.   Which is why I feel a little crazykookoo.

The wonderful things in my life have made me feel crazykookoo.  No, not having time has made me crazykookoo.  No.  My lack of being able to do multiple things well has made me crazykookoo. Yep, that's it.

Life is beautiful, but I've been too busy to see it.



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