Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Online Poetry Journal: PLUME!

I just learned about this online poetry journal: Plume. 

It has a poem by one of my favorite poets, David Kirby!  But also has poems up by Billy Collins and Jorie Graham.

They also have a great archive you can browse through.
And if you're interested in submitting, check here.

Here's a list of recent contributors:
Alicia Ostriker, Amy Gerstler, Stuart Dybek, Carl Dennis, Denise Duhamel, Terese Svoboda, G.C. Waldrep, Thomas Lux, Nin Andrews, Kimberly Johnson, Charles Bernstein, Christopher Kennedy, Jean-Michel Maulpoix, Rae Armantrout, Maureen McLane,  Stephen Dunn, Elaine Equi, Linda Pastan, Lawrence Raab, Donald Revell, Keith Waldrop,  Peter Cooley, Jay Parini,  Peter Meinke, and Mary Sarishvili, Angie Estes, Diane Wakoski, Tess Gallagher, Dennis Nurkse, Susan Elizabeth Howe, Cornelius Eady, J.T. Barbarese, Kimiko Hahn, Maxine Chernoff, David Rivard, James Bertolino, Maura Stanton, R.T. Smith, Georges Perros, Daniel Tobin, Cole Swenson, Clair Malroux/Diane Hacker, Ron Smith, Ralph Angel, Christina Davis, Mark Wunderlich, Carol Muske-Dukes, Daniel Bosch, Kevin Prufer, Lidija Dimskova, Hank Lazar, Kuno Raeber, Laird Hunt, Sylva Fischerova, Mark Irwin, David Huddle, Michael Collier, Mary Szybist, Ron Slate, Lydia Davis, Paul Muldoon, Eduardo Chirinos,  Jeffrey Skinner, John Kinsella, Bob Hicok, Timothy Liu, Mary Jo Salter, and Dorianne Laux.  Jorie Graham, Norman Dubie, Mary Jo Salter, Ruth Padel, Dick Allen, Eliza Griswold, Stephen Dobyns, Billy Collins, David Shapiro, David Kirby, Martin Galvin, Tia Pafdrup, Barbara Hamby and others are upcoming. Issues 7-12 will feature cover art by Laurie Simmons.

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