Monday, April 16, 2012

Nin Andrews learns about Two Sylvias Press on the Best American Poetry Blog--

Annette Spaulding-Convy & I were interviewed by one of my very favorite poets-- Nin Andrews for the Best American Poetry blog.

We talked about starting Two Sylvias Press.  So if you want to know what it's like to start a small press, edit an anthology, or find the poems and cover art for Fire On Her Tongue: An eBook Anthology of Contemporary Women's Poetry,

check out the entire interview here.

One of my favorite answers is by Annette.  Here's Nin's question and Annette's answer on our partnership.

NA: How does your partnership work?  Have you worked on other projects together?
ASC: Kelli and I have been friends for over ten years. We have co-edited Crab Creek Review for four years and have worked as co-founders of Two Sylvias Press for nearly two years, and we’re still friends! I think the success of our partnership is best illustrated by cupcakes and hard-boiled eggs: Kelli likes the frosting and I like the cake. Kelli likes the white and I like the yolk. As we began to co-edit Crab Creek Review, we soon realized that the very task one of us despised turned out to be the task that the other one enjoyed doing.
Another aspect that makes for our successful partnership is that we share a common vision in terms of the importance of poetry and art in society, a common drive to give women artists a voice, and a similar philosophy of how important it is to balance our personal lives when it comes to family, writing, editing, and alone time. We also make our work meetings fun by discussing Crab Creek Review and Two Sylvias Press over coffee at a funky cafĂ© or a plastic cup of wine in the ferry galley. And, importantly, we’re both willing to take creative risks and we both have a sense of humor about everything.


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