Monday, April 09, 2012

Bloggers-- 2 More Days To Be Part of the Big Poetry Giveaway!

Here's the updated list of bloggers and poets giving away their books and their favorite books for National Poetry Month.

If you'd like to participate, leave me a comment with your name, your blog name and a link to your giveaway by tomorrow (April 10th) at midnight and I'll add you to the list.

If you want to try to win some new poetry books, click on the links below to enter into about 30 separate giveaways (that's at least 60 free poetry books!)  Good luck--




  1. Hello! I've joined in, almost at the very last minute.

    Molly Sutton Kiefer
    maps + poetry

  2. I, too, have joined at the almost zero hour.

    Here's the link to my post which gives all the particulars:

    Again, thanks for creating this opportunity!

    Kristin (Berkey-Abbott)

  3. Hi Kelly -- please put my name in the hat for your giveaway. My email address is Thanks!

    P. S. I'm giving away a copy of my book _The Darkened Temple_ (2008 U. of Nebraska Press) and Yusef Komunyakaa's _The Chameleon Couch_ (2011 FSG) via Jessica Goodfellow's blog Axis Abraxas b/c I don't have a blog of my own. I love this idea of giving away books of poetry. Thanks for the inspiration...


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