Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Washington Poet Laureate Blog - for Washington State Poets!

I mentioned that Kathleen Flenniken started a new blog for Washington State poets and poetry events.

Yesterday she featured my poem, "In the 70’s, I Confused Macramé and Macabre"  on it.

Also, the title banner is a Where's Waldo of Washington State poets -- see if you can find me, Susan Rich, Martha Silano, Oliver de la Paz, Elizabeth Austen, Peter Pereira, Nancy Pagh, Heather McHugh, Linda Bierds, Sherman Alexie, Tess Gallagher, Richard Hugo and many many others.

Thanks, Kathleen!



  1. I'm really enjoying The Far Field and all the wonderful poets being featured there. Congratulations on the posting of your own poem.

  2. Very visual. Love the beginning. I am a 70's kid.


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