Wednesday, February 15, 2012

If you keep a baby-inspired blog & are looking for a sign--

Okay, please file this under "My Weirdest Blog Post Yet". . .

but last night I had a dream that the Wicked Witch of the West came to tell me that someone in the world (a mom, I'm guessing) has a baby-inspired blog and wants to go to a writer's conference, but isn't going to because she feels she "just has a baby-inspired blog" and isn't a real writer.

If this is you, you should go to the conference.  Glenda the Good Witch believes you should go.  She said it's a first step before many.


(Oh and if you think this is you, drop me a note or leave me a comment... I'm curious if I'm losing my mind, having visions, or just shouldn't eat a plate of chocolate dipped strawberries before bedtime.)


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Shawnte Orion said...

It very well could be me.

Though I'm not a mom, my blog (and poet bio/resume) are the equivalent of infancy stage.
And I've never gone to a big writer's conference before, but Hayden's Ferry Review is giving me a pass to this year's Desert Night's Rising Stars conference at Arizona State University.

I am very excited, especially to finally hear Denise Duhamel (I've been a fan for a long while). But I'm also kind of anxious about being in the middle of all that. I'm very much out of my element in a University setting and not always great in social situations, anyway.

Oh, and I recently posted a Wicked Witch Of The West photo that I doctored on my blog, so it really does all tie together, so I am convinced that your dream was about me.
Alright, I will go listen to Carolyn Forche, Duhamel and everyone else there. Stop twisting my arm, already.

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