Thursday, February 23, 2012

Confession Fat Tuesday (On Thursday)

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Note:  I started this blog post on Tuesday and am just finishing it up today.  
Here's how it began...

Dear Reader,

Today is Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday, a day to celebrate and enjoy before Lent begins tomorrow on Ash Wednesday.

How am I feeling?  Basically, I'm eating a box of Camp Fire Girl mints and finishing up 2 days of preparing my taxes.  If I was in New Orleans, let's just say I'd be letting loose right now.

But I'm not.  Letting loose or in New Orleans.  I'm hear ready to confess, so let's begin, to the confessional--

****And that's as far as I got.  I opened the confessional door, but didn't go in.

So I guess should add a few things here...

I confess today is my day to catch up.  I'm doing my best to plow through my to-do list, make the most of my time and make some progress forward.

I feel overwhelmed when I'm busy, when I'm away from my home too much.

I recently heard the term "adrenalin junkie" and it wasn't regarding someone who runs or is a daredevil, but who likes the daily chaos of not finding her keys or daily dramas.  Some people exist on these things and actually (though they may tell you differently) *love* them.

I am so not that person.

What I like?  Time to read and sit.  Time to write.  Time to be with people I love and like.  Time to myself.  Time to be able to do things well (to put back the scissors, to return the cereal to the cupboard, to not be rushing around like a tasmanian devil).  I need time to think. To daydream.


I confess sometimes when there is so much to do, my head feels loopy.  It's the "I don't know where to begin so I think I'll read the Huffington Post" feeling.

This is why I keep a list.  When I'm overwhelmed, my head says "so much so much" and my brain clicks into the "where will you begin," and all I have to do is pick up my to-do list (which I have actually numbered) and pick up where I left off.

(I know. I am an organized nerd who lives a very boring life.)

I usually make my to-do list before bed, writing down all I want to do, then choose the top 3 or 4 that either have deadlines or will make the most difference on my emotional state.

Maybe my adrenalin rush comes from getting things done, making lists, organizing.  Because that is so uncool, I'm kind of thinking it's true for me.


I confess Lent began yesterday and I gave up sweets, yes, dessert.  Day one with no candy or sweets.  I kind of amaze myself. ;-)  I have 2 boxes of Camp Fire Mints left-- I plan on ripping them open Easter morning.  Okay, Easter afternoon.

Or maybe by then I'll be done with sweets, have the "Dessert? No thanks" attitude or "I live a healthy lifestyle."  Oh wait, I'm not that girl.



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  1. I am sooooo like you! I hate just about any kind of drama (except in movies and books) and am happiest when I am not too busy and have lots of time for walks and reading and thinking and writing fragments of poetry...

    I have given up sweets (and wine)for Lent as well. I wasn't going to do that because last year I failed at that same thing. But I decided that just because I did poorly last year, doesn't mean I shouldn't try again this year.


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