Monday, October 03, 2011

Happy Anniversary to Us (here we are after 18 years of marriage...)

My husband and I are celebrating our wedding anniversary.  18 years ago today, we were married.
How I wished we looked every day...
More realistic version of how we look every day.
I don't have any marriage advice except if you're getting married, make sure you marry someone who supports your art & your dreams, and if you can marry your best friend, even better.  

Summer 2011 - Go-Go's Concert
Marry someone who will attend a Go-Go's concert with you even if while you were listening to Madonna and Go-Go's, he was listening to Bruce Springsteen and The Rolling Stones.

Bret Michaels & Jimi Hendrix (aka me & my husband)
If you like costume parties and you marry someone who also does, you will have more fun.  (Also, someone who thinks it's cool if you choose to dress up like a man for Halloween.)

Prom (after 17 years of marriage)
Attend usual events and name yourself Prom King & Queen even if no one has voted yet.

Realize marriage is not an ongoing honeymoon.  There will be bills and stresses and bad habits and messy kitchens and you will not photograph as beautifully as Ashton and Demi do.  And that's okay.  

Happy 18th... 

To 18 more...

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