Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Confession Tuesday

Dear Reader,

It's been a quirky week.  Or maybe I'm just quirky and weak.  It could be either.  I have a lot of weirdness on my mind, let's just get to things.

To the Confessional--

I confess one of my favorite things to do is empty the trash on my Mac laptop because it makes this noise that sounds like paper crumbling.  I get some weird serotonin kick when I hear it.  Sort of as if I've done something spectacular.


I confess I also love to organize my gmail and put things into folder and only have a limited amount of emails showing. While it hasn't happened in years, an empty email account with zero also gives me a serotonin kick.


I confess I signed up to do a half marathon in June.  I am *not* a runner.  I'm a walker, a rider, or a paddler.  Why did I sign up for this?  I want a medal.  It's as easy as that.

And I won't be running (I am not built to run as I am one of the softer curvier people in life and running makes me feel as if I'm made of cookie dough--okay, I am probably made of cookie dough, but I don't need to feel that way).  So I'm walking it.  It's not until June so that means my December of fudge and Christmas cookies will not be sacrificed.

Oh and I know running is supposed to give you a serotonin kick, but honestly, I get more a kick from cookies.


I confess I think it's weird that they are selling a 3D television that requires you to wear glasses.

People have to put on 3D glasses in their home to watch their television.  This seems like a big pain in the butt.  When I watch TV, I like to have about 5 other activities going on--answering email, making a To-Do list, reading a magazine. I do not want to sit in my living room looking like the Terminator just so it can appear as if the stick is coming at my face.


I confess it's always amazing what we can be sold.  So many things that were once conveniences or just high-tech playtoys are now essentials.  And I kind of dislike the part of me that goes back into the house to get her cellphone.  Just go, leave the cellphone behind.

My entire childhood was spent leaving the house to play and not returning until dark, until we could no longer see each other while playing kickball.  I think as a kid I would have been annoyed if my mum gave me a cellphone and told me to stay in touch.  And really, I would have lost it.  I would have dropped it in the ditch or the creek or the many places I played at that involved water.

How did we, who grew up with our parents never knowing where we were, become so nervous and so needing to be connected all the times?  I was in the free-to-be-you-and-me generation, not the free-to-be-tied-digitally-to-you-and-me world, which is where I feel as if I am now.

Hmmm... I'm not sure what I've confessed there except maybe when thinking about the old days I know there's no turning back...


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  1. I confess I'm hoping I will see you in Seattle while I'm there, maybe at the awards reception Wednesday night!



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