Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Reveal on Huge Summer House Project (in process)...

So, I've been hearing from many of you with concerns about my unplanned, desperately needed house project (in which we are in Week 2 or 3, I've lost count).

What I love is how imaginative everyone is, from fear that my house is full of carpenter arts to flooding to broken everything.

But no, what's happening is our 40 year old septic system is being replaced with a new up-to-code system along with the drainfield.

I wish I had a "before" photo, but this is what my yard looks like right now...

Backyard (hello digger) the giant hole where the light comes through, used to be our fence!
Front yard-- Hello giant drain field and pile of dirt
 Crazy, I know.

The good news is we haven't had to mow our lawn (aka dirt lawn) all summer.  The good news is I haven't had to weed or weedwhack, but just watch giant machinery pull things apart.

What I will say is being a city girl before I was a country girl, I never was grateful for sewer systems. They were just something I took for granted.  Being in a rural community has taught me a lot-- it has taught me garbage disposals are bad.  And chemicals down the toilets-- also bad.

Anyway, I have been realizing that my not-saying what my huge home project was had many of you thinking I was living without electricity or that my home was falling in on me.  No, I'm safe.  My pets and family are safe.  We've just become great friends with the man we see everyday who digs up our yard and finds wonderful rocks buried.

My hope is that this project will be over in August, the beginning of August, but as much as I want to say it sucks to have to do this, I actually feel thankful that we were able to 1) find a way to pay for it  and 2) that we still own a home.  So while it's a strange annoyance, I can't complain. And in fact had always wondered what our home would look like with everything ripped out of the ground--- and now I know!


  1. For the record let me say that I am releaved. While I've not asked you about the menacing house issue doesn’t mean I haven't wondered, worried on your behalf and even speculated. I did consider termites, foundation problems, et al, but septic tank never entered my mind. That is probably my urban influance.

    I admire how you seem to be handeling what I think would be quite distractingday in and day out. Hope your writing abode was unaffected.

  2. THanks, Michael! And the my writing shed (aka House of Sea) is safe and completely unaware of all this digging and work. It was in the ONLY place on our entire yard where there was NO work done. So it sits completely untouched and with grass...

    As a city girl, I too was surprised that people actually have to these types of things... live & learn!

  3. Agreed. I am relieved, too. I thought the project was foundation related. Hope the work gets completed very soon.


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