Sunday, July 17, 2011

How To Delete Your Google+ Account...

Okay, somehow I joined Google+ only to realize it was yet another networking site I didn't need to be a part of (I swear, I think these sites were created to keep more books off the shelves as writers spend so much time networking instead of writing...)

I found this great HOW TO post on how to delete this account (without deleting all your other content or Google Profile). 

I just deleted my Google+ account and my world feels a little simpler...

By the way, if anyone is using Google+ and really likes it, let me know and what you appreciate it about it.


  1. Hey sweetie! I just signed up for Google+ too, not in love with it yet, but a lot of folks are talking about ditching Facebook for it. Tried signing up for Tumblr too, but I didn't really get the interface.
    Remember to put up a link to your interview from Tuesday! I don't want anyone to miss your awesome interview!

  2. Might I suggest this link on Google+. I'm using it, not in love with it yet either, but I think it has potential.


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