Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What I'm Reading...

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Mini Reviews:

I'm finally finishing up the memoir by Mary Karr called Lit.  It's about how she lived her life as an alcoholic for many many years.  I am listening the book on audiotape, which I highly recommend because it's read by Mary herself and it has that nice twang of her southern book that make it feel as if the book is being spoken just to the listener.

It's a pretty amazing story, first on how much she could drink and exist (and be productive) in her life and two, how much work it was for her to be an alcoholic.  From the hiding of beer cans and wine bottles, to buying them her alcohol from different liquor stores that no one caught on.  And if they did, no one said anything.

There was a surprising scene (well, to me) where she mentions Thomas Lux and as a writer, I was interested in her process of becoming a writer which you learn throughout the book.  I have about 4 more chapters left, I think.  She's still drinking at this point and I wonder how this book will end.


I have started rereading this book,Uncommon Genius I purchased a few years back by Denise Shekerjian.  Oddly enough, this book was published in 1991, but I find the information just as useful today.  The book looks at quite a few MacArthur Genius grant winners, their lives, their creativity, and their thoughts.

What I like about this book is how it looks at these artists, writers, inventors, scientists, with an examining eye on creativity and creative impulse


Also, Heather Cadenhead's chapbook, inventory of sleeping things is on my nightstand.  More on that soon!


Oh and Autobiography of Mark Twain, Vol. 1 is just out!  I hear it weighs in at a whopping 5 lbs, but is worth the time to mine through it if you're a Twain fan.  

It's on my list, but will have to have to wait until after the holidays...



  1. It's always great to hear what you are reading!

  2. For those who enjoy or are moved by "Lit," I recommend Patrick Lane's recovery memoir "What the Stones Remember." Lane is one of Canada's most prominant and brilliant poets. He writes his memoir as a "round," following the seasons, tracing his first year really in and experiencing his Victoria BC garden after 45 years of addiction. Many passages read like poetry, and there are reflections on how he was able to sustain his writing life. --Nancy


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