Saturday, November 27, 2010

If Poets Had Oprah's Pocketbook... (My cheese is the big thing in life to me now. MM)

So I had my Green Friday-- the tree is up, the house is decorated and I am filled with pumpkin pie, stuffing and mashed potatoes.  Ah, the holidays.

I did not shop yesterday, unless you call "browsing the leftovers" shopping.

But today, I went onto eBay not to shop, but to see what's available in the poetry world for the big spenders.  Here's what I found (oh and I think that Marianne Moore letter could be a poetry prompt, I just love her words...)

A few things for sale on eBay this week:

Beat Poet Gregory Corso Original Artwork & signed $1700

Elizabeth Bishop's signature  $1650

77 Dream Songs signed by John Berryman $900

Edna St. Vincent Millay Letter:  Thank you for the beautiful roses and for what you said. $1899

Langston Hughes Autographed book: $399

First Edition of Emily Dickinson's Poems $1500

Walt Whitman Letter:  If convenient would your horse & wagon pass for '86 -- same as this returned -- with many thanks. Camden City Office Horse RR"  $5999

Marianne Moore Letter:  Dear girls, Barbara and Marianne, or shouldn't I say, Impresarios[?]?"), written in an extremely shaky hand, apparently thanking them for a gift basket, reading in part: "My oval basket of cheeses . . . is here.  I've been longing for cheese and every kind is here.  Real Camembert. . . . Could you ever come in to see me and inquire what remains in my refrigerator[?].  That circle is the impatient mark of a [illegible word] telephone.  My cheese is the big thing in life to me now.  I love Dutch cheese and I see I have a ball of red Edam.  Can I ever tell you how your personal concern for me makes me happy?. . . .  Please know that I marvel at your exciting kindness. . . ."  A bargain at $250 OR best offer.


I love Marianne's focus on cheese, it is also a special love in my own life too.


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  1. What great finds! Moore's letter is marvelous, and I agree, it could be a wonderful prompt.

    Take a look at the offerings at Arion Press, too. Some more affordable and beautiful work is available through Joshua Heller Rare Books.


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