Monday, November 08, 2010

Art & Poetry - A Lovely Couple

Jeannine & I in front of the "bow-dress" - Art & Poetry: The Visual Story

So I'm back from an incredible reading at the Frye Art Museum called Taboo Against the Word "Beauty": Four Northwest Poets Read New Work.

The 4 Poets (Allen, Susan, me, Oliver)

Susan Rich organized it and it was the first time I was commissioned to write a poem for an event.  And I must say, I loved being commissioned to write a poem for a certain event on a certain painting.  (Look for more on what painting and the poem on an upcoming post.)

I read with three of my most favorite poets, Oliver de la Paz, Allen Braden & Susan Rich --each reading a brand-spankin' new poem for event.

I said during my reading and have said many times, that museums have always felt like "my church."  It is one of the places I feel most connected with the world.  When I am in a museum, I feel safe.  I feel as if my tribe has decorated the space to please everything inside me.  I am overwhelmed by inspiration as I move from painting to sculpture to drawing.

I have said I have always wanted to be a visual artist and I create (paint, draw, etc.) on the side of my regular & writing life, but I approach art more like a casual fisherman--sometimes I catch something, sometimes not, but I just enjoying going out on the boat for the day.  I am not looking for the prized catch, just to throw my line in the water and see what happens.

So reading in the museum about art made me feel connected to something larger.  It reminded me how art is not luxury, but a necessity in my world and in this world.  Art & poetry were the cute old couple who have finally met walking down the cobblestone path. They were the bride and groom on top of the cake and the two kids holding handing under harvest moon.

And I am so thankful for both of them-- art & poetry -- and how the interact with each other while reconnecting me into my life.

This might be one of my favorite photos.  Jeannine's husband took it (and he's ridiculously tall) so I love the angle of it.  Plus I love how the "bow-dress" behind me resembles the image on my book.



  1. Great post and photos. Love the "bow dress" installation.

  2. Have you ever noticed that you get to do really cool stuff?

  3. Maureen- Thanks! That bow-dress was inspiring!

    Monica-- You know, I've noticed that recently! ;-)

    Sandy- I wish you could have been there too!

    Collin - Thanks!


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