Friday, October 08, 2010

Whale Sounds by Nic Sebastian

Steven D. Schroeder, Michaela Gabriel and I all have poems up on WhaleSound read by Nic Sebastian.

I must admit, there's something amazing hearing someone else read my poem (and with this gorgeous accent too!)

Listening, I found myself getting chills (which is kind of weird since it's my own poem), but the reading took the poem to a darker more chilling level.  Something I'm not sure I do when I read that poem.  And, I liked that.  Especially because it is one of the darker poems in the book.

There's also been a poem by Susan Rich this week, 4 o'clock @House of Sky.  A poem from her book The Alchemist's Kitchen (and if you look in the notes, you'll see my name for the dedication on this one, one more reason for me to love this poem!)

But there is a whole list of poets here with poems you can listen to including Peter Pereira, Diane Lockward, Mary Biddinger, Sandra Beasley, Reb Livingston and the list goes on!




  1. Whale Sound is so wonderful. I'm subscribing and just delighting in being able to hear all the wonderful poems read aloud.


  2. i love whale sound. and that poem of yours is extremely powerful. wow.

  3. Ok that poem alone makes me want to buy your collection. Come payday I will.

  4. Thanks for the shout-out and for letting me read your lovely lovely poem, Kelli!

  5. What a great poem! And you're right...something about the accent takes it to a whole other level.

  6. Oh, I get this! Nic just emailed me recently and one of my poems is going up on Whale Sounds, too. Isn't it a marvelous endeavor?

    I got the chills, too, listening to poems read aloud, it was transporting. I will revisit it again and look for your poem!

  7. OK, I just listened to your poem and then read the text. At the risk of sounding effusive, that poem is utterly brilliant. I have poem envy...


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