Thursday, October 07, 2010

Joannie Stangeland Combines Technology with Pen & Paper Poets...

First, I think Joannie is amazing in how she uses technology to be a more successful poet.

Here's a video in which she uses a pen that takes your handwriting and converts it to TEXT! One of the reasons I don't journal is I hate transferring the handwritten notes to my laptop, but here's a pen that does it for you. I may have to get one of these as I love the idea of keeping my poems in a pen and transferring to my laptop in one motion and not typing them out.

Here's the video where Joannie better explains "OneNote" and using technology to be a more efficient (I think that's the best word) poet.

Check it out here--

Office Show - Can OneNote help me be creative?


  1. I've been using a LiveScribe pen since January and swear by it, as well. Not only does it perform seamless handwriting-to-text but it captures audio so you can go back and fill in blanks while taking notes in a situation where a lot is being said... excellent for capturing exact quotes, cross-talk in a workshop setting, and meeting minutes.

    For other great tools that can help you as a writer:



  2. Do they have good response time? My tablet pc was SOO slow :)


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