Monday, October 11, 2010

Blog Posts More Interesting Posts Than My Own

I've been in Portland for their Wordstock Book Festival all weekend and am catching up on email, chores, life, and rest.

Before I tell you my favorite and/or most memorable part of the Wordstock trip (this will be in a separate post), read some of these posts of what's also been going on in the literary communities--

For a great blog post by Susan Rich who rode with us on what was learned at this book festival read this.   Good info.

January O'Neil (aka PoetMom) has great photos and quotes on her blog from the incredible Dodge Poetry Festival.  January's blog had some great things on it--many excellent quotes by Matthew Dickman, Sharon Olds' advice on revision and more!

Oliver de la Paz was also at the Dodge Festival and has some great photos as well! Oliver was one of the Dodge readers and from what I've seen written around online community, he was awesome.

I watched Aimee Nezhukumatathil read live at Dodge on the first night and she was incredible!  Here's Aimee's blog, hoping she'll be posting some highlights soon, but knowing that she's the mom of the cutest boy and sweetest little baby (and whose middle name is my husband's first name!), she will probably get to that just as soon as she gets her family time.

(photo credit: Diane Lockward at Dodge!)

I know Diane Lockward was at Dodge because she was kind enough to send me photos of my book being sold at the Borders table at the Dodge festival (Oliver emailed me about this and my cousin texted me) - I cannot tell you what a thrill I got each time someone spotted my book-  I had no idea it was going to be there..  Diane's blog has a couple great posts, including one called "Do Unto Other Poets" you might want to check out.  I hope to



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