Sunday, February 07, 2010

My Early Valentine's Day Gift

I have terrible posture and worse, last August I tweaked my lower back while mountain biking. And honestly, it was much more than tweaked, I was hurt enough that I needed 3 months of chiropractic work, ice packs, and yoga.

I have been wanting (needing) to get a new office chair for a long time. My desk chair was $15 and Staples, on sale, their demo, and honestly, probably the most uncomfortable chair after 30 minutes. Of course, when you buy a chair in an office store you do not know this because you don't normally sit in their chair and pretend to work/write for 30 minutes.

So after trying out Lana Ayer's ergonomic chair a few weeks ago, I knew I had to make some changes.

In December, I had tried Ronda Broatch's office chair, which is a big yoga ball (YogaAccessories (TM) 65 cm Yoga Balance Ball with Pump
). I really liked this, but I noticed my daughter (age 9) also really liked this and I was afraid that I would spend much of my time searching the house/yard for my chair (aka giant fun ball).

I also had images of me late at night slipping off this chair and knocking myself out on my desk. Another concern was how many lamps, pieces of artwork this ball would break in my house when it wasn't being used as a chair but as a weapon/toy.

I do think in the future I will purchase one of these to have on hand (they are wonderful if you have lower back pain just draping yourself over them like a ragdoll), but I decided I wanted something a little more stable (and less fun for my family members), as a main chair.

So this is what I ended up buying from Amazon, which was very similar to Lana's chair:

The good news is the color is more of a navy than that royal blue in the photo. I have been using this chair for a couple days now and am loving it. I think I will order another for my writing shed.

The back moves to different angles and it can be raised up and down. On the Amazon reviews it said this may be the best chair for tall people. I'm 5'7" (okay, 5'7 1/2" to be exact) and it's perfect for me. I've been playing around with height to find the perfect position and I think I have it.

I'll let you know how it goes.

So far it has taken the pressure off my back as my knees get most of the weight of my body. I'm guessing that's how it works. I'll see if my knees/legs ache later on or if I have any other issues, but I tend to think I won't. I notice that it's impossible for me to slouch in this position and that my shoulders have to be back which is good for me and I tend to be the humpback typist.



  1. I SOO need a new office chair. I am hoping I get one for my birthday next week!

  2. Kelli,

    I was all set to order one based on your post until I got to the "tall person" part. I don't think I qualify there :-)

  3. I had a chair like this without the back. It was super comfortable at first but then my back would get so tired. I think if it had a back like this one, it would solve the tired back problem!

  4. Hi Jessie, It's made a huge difference and I'm amazed I didn't get one sooner, um, being a *writer* and all, it's not as if I wouldn't us it!

    Susan-- Try out mine and see. I think these chairs would be good for people 5'7" and under, I think really tall folks (over 5' 10") might have some difficulties.

    Valerie-- I had heard about issues with these chair that didn't have a back, so I made sure I got one with a back and it has made a difference.

  5. oh this is wonderful!! i so need to get a new writing chair. i remind myself a million times to sit up...but... and with three kids...


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