Sunday, February 14, 2010

Confession Tuesday - Fat Tuesday Edition

Well Friends, it is that time of the week to confess what I've been up to. I so wish I had some juicy confessions, but I am quite the square, the non-edgy poet in her sensible shoes.

But maybe something will come up. We'll see. Off to the confessional--

I confess today is my last dose (did I say "dose?" I mean, day) of chocolate for 40 days. Yes, I'm giving up chocolate for Lent.

If you remember last year, I gave up Lent for Lent, which was really a great thing to do. Many years I have given up dessert fully. Now that I'm 41, I don't give up the full monty, but enough to remind to cut down on my sweets.

I confess I participate in Lent more for the health aspects than the religious ones. But honestly, I do eat chocolate every day (seriously, every day) and while I could say, Good for me, I've gotten to the point where *all* chocolate tastes good.

* * *

Speaking of chocolate, I should probably confess that I have a summer and winter body. I just learned this a few years ago.

The summer body had no idea the winter body exists, but found out one year when I went to California in late fall and when I went to try on my summer clothes, realized my capris were, um, just a little snug. "Just a little snug" as in "My God, that woman is wearing pants 2 sizes too small!"

My winter body is 5-10 lbs more than my summer body. My winter body loves mashed potatoes and meatloaf, and loves red wine. My winter body always asks for another glasses of wine, while my summer body is happy with Perrier.

My summer body enjoys stir-fry veggies, fruit, and drinks lots of water. My summer body camps, hikes, and mountain bikes. My winter body thinks that my summer body is a busybody.

My winter body types, naps, and types some more. Sometimes my winter body takes a bike ride or goes for a long walk and realizes how awkward she is. My winter body doesn't like to be cold and needs the extra padding. My summer body is probably less likely to die of a heart-attack or too much chocolate, but more likely to break a bone. My winter body happily tucked safe inside with a stretch corduroys and a long baggy sweater, but more likely to feel sad because she hasn't seen the sun in weeks.

* * *

I confess that lately people have made a lot of interesting comments to me this week--

From a friend to me last week-- You Catholic girls run a little fast and loose with the truth... when I made reservations for her and her husband saying it was their anniversary a month and 1/2 early...

From a 10 year old friend of my daughter's: I like your house because it smells like crackers and animals.
(and this is a *good* thing how?)

From a friend, Will your biceps be ready for the party?

* * *

Until next Tuesday... Happy Mardi Gras and


  1. My winter body is kind of upset with your winter body for blowing it out of the water! It thought it was hiding pretty well!

    Your confessions are such fun!

  2. i wish my body knew what time of the year it was!

    i love the quotes :)

    i confess i am about to eat one of those little oatmeal creme pies for my afternoon snack because i am out of fruit.

  3. i can give a loving home to unwanted and abandoned chocolate.

  4. I love the idea of a winter body! I definitely have one, and I am working hard to get rid of it in time for my trip to Costa Rica next month. Lest my winter body try to smush into my summer clothes!

  5. It's a little like the movie LadyHawke--I have a summer body and winter body and never the two shall meet ... expecially with chocolate, mashed potatoes, and red wine in the mix.


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