Sunday, November 29, 2009

New Book of Poems & Christmas Resolutions...

I just purchased this new book of poems from Kary Wayson called AMERICAN HUSBAND and am so far am just loving it!

This year as you do your Christmas shopping, remember the poets in the world and give someone you love (or like a bit) a book of poems.

My goal for Christmas this year is to

1) Buy from artists & writers whenever possible
2) Buy locally from our local artist run art gallery and local stores
3) Give gifts that are experiences (i.e. an art class, a writing class, tickets to a play, etc.)

Also, not to allow the Black Friday mentality to take me over and overlook what Christmas is about, which for me is doing things for others. Of course, there will be gifts, as I love to give gifts (and honestly, get them too), but I don't want to just be randomly shopping for the sake of shopping.

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