Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gratitude Journal

1. Hot coffee in the morning already made when I wake up.

2. My golden retriever, Buddy Holly

3. Three cats roaming the house and not fighting with each other.

4. My electric blanket

5. Gum

6. Learning that January won some funding for her 2nd manuscript!

7. Trapster (to remind me to slow down)

8. A morning without rain and a walk with a friend

9. My husband and daughter smiling after they come back from fencing

10. Total cereal and with lots of raisins

11. My family not lecturing me for speeding, but laughing at me (and Trapster "Police sometimes hide here") and telling me not to worry about it

12. Learning you can have 6 speeding tickets in a year Washington state before they suspend your license and not 3 as I originally thought

13. Going to bed early to end the day and start again

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