Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Finding Gratitude

I must say, my day of being grateful and thankful was challenged yesterday when I received (drumroll please), a speeding ticket. (urgh.)

Now, for those of you who have been following along know this is my 2nd speeding ticket in 6 months. The last was when I was visiting the lovely Jeannine for lunch in Kirkland.

Now that one, I was really speeding.

I was rushing around to make the ferry. This one, well, I was going 37 mph. I was speeding up to get to the 40 mph sign just after a 25 mph zone. Seriously. I didn't even realize I was being pulled over for speeding. I thought he was pulling me over to apologize for frightening me when he hit his sirens.

Motorcycle cop. Very nice though. And he did apologize for scaring me, then gave me a ticket.

I now have Trapster downloaded to my iPhone.

Let me tell you though, it was terribly hard to find something to be grateful for after that ticket. I came very close to climbing back into bed and calling, "Day over. I'd like a day, please."

But I did find something.

I was thankful that it was only a speeding ticket that ruined my day. I was thankful it was less than $200. I was thankful that after the speeding ticket I got to come home to a family that made me feel better (even though they laughed at me first).

I also realized, there is a lesson to be learned.

Lately, I have been very distracted. Completely in my own head. And while driving, also distracted. This strip of road where I was pulled over always has bikers and pedestrians and there are no sidewalks here. It takes one second to veer off the road and onto the shoulder. I need to pay more attention. That was my lesson for today. A $154 lesson.

But I guess I didn't get the message last time. And isn't that life? Aren't we continually relearning the same lessons until we get them right.

I'll be trying to pay more attention while driving, folks. Lesson 2, already in progress.


  1. Aw, man! Honestly, it takes me lots of tries to learn my lessons. Trapster. . . gonna have to look that one up!

  2. Nothing like getting a ticket or being in an accident to make you refocus on the road!

    I feel terrible when I realize I haven't been paying attention :( but we all do it from time to time.

    Oh i have a new post up at my blog (11-18) with a link about some poetry books i'm giving away for postage donations.


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