Sunday, November 15, 2009


Teena in Toronto reminded me that today is Blog-o-versary! Thank you, Teena! I had missed that!

Yes, Book of Kells has been here since 2006. Amazing.

My first post was on poet Reetika Vazirani and said absolutely nothing, but provided a link.

In looking back, it kind of looks like Book of Kells just dropped from the sky.

But it didn't. I had a blog I kept for about 2 years before that I deleted it. Jeannine calls it a case of online shyness, which I think it was, but note to all of you, if you ever decide to delete your blog- save yourself a copy.

I've been able to return to it through the WayBack Machine, but it's still missing photos and I don't think it's all there. Bummer. And lesson learned.

And even before that I kept a LiveJournal acct from 2003-2004.
Oh we were all so young then and unconnected.

I remembering buying a laptop in 2003 or 2004 and having the option for "wi-fi" - I remember thinking, what's that and why would I need it? Oops. Not necessarily the techie visionary.

* * *

But yes, three years of Book of Kells today. Time to look forward, not back.

What 3 things I hope to give you over the next three years (and hopefully more than once)--

1) Useful content related to poetry, writing and the writing life

2) A good feeling, a smile, something positive in your life

3) More confessions (it seems some of you really like these) ;-)

What I want to say to you--

Thank you for reading and/or following this blog.
Thank you for your comments and responses.
Thank you for showing up even if you never say anything. (I know you're out there, I see your numbers...- she said, not trying to sound Big Brotherish).

I will try to find ways to continue to improve this blog because I appreciate your support and readership.



  1. Thanks for mentioning me, Kelli. I think it is so strange that our blogoversaries will be one day apart, and now we are also linked by being White Pine sisters. I am enjoying my role as blogger more than I expected. I just hope that poetry lovers in the blogosphere decide I've a new enough focus that reading The Alchemist's Kitchen is worthwhile.

  2. Hi Kell! Happy Blogoversary!

    This is one of the blogs I read religiously.

    I'm always learning something new, being challenged or occasionally validated by something here.

    It often makes me smile and is truly a place I seek to feed the need for positive energy. My 9-5 job by nature is crisis driven and deals with matters that can be challenging to keep me upbeat.

    Confession Tuesday! Love it! It's so human, so genuine. Often very amusing. I've often thought about doing it but don't want to be a copycat. Maybe I'll try adding it to my journal.

    Anyway, this is THE MONTH for being thankful and I'm thankful for another year of the Book of Kells!


  3. 3 years (and the other years before) is huge! congrats and keep up the good work. i love reading about your writing and life :)

    makes me feel like big brother..hahah just kidding!


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