Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday Thoughts---

On Writing--

I feel as if I've caught up on a lot things. I've felt behind. But I think much of it is trying to balance my own poetry, editing Crab Creek Review, and working with other poets with my regular everyday life. I have a lot going on, but I realize, for me it's best to break things up into bits (do a little of this and this), or just schedule big blocks of time, say a full day, and devote it to one project (reading someone's mss or working on my own.) As long as I'm not missing deadlines though and marking things off my To Do list, I feel pretty good.

But this brings me to my next topic--


The Artist Way--

If you haven't heard of the The Artist Way ( The Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity) it's basically a 12 steps program for creatives. I highly recommend it if you've never done it I'm doing it for the next 12 weeks with 5 friends, all writers. The biggest hit of time is doing the morning pages (which is 3 pages of writing--which can be anything, basically it's to clear your mind...kind of what a blog does, I've noticed). But I realize, depending on my mood, I can do this between 10-30 minutes.

I also have to go on an "Artist Date" each week. 2 - 3 hours by myself, somewhere besides my house. I must say, I resist this, which must mean I need to go. I haven't had my date this week, but I will.

What I've learned already in Artist Way (and this is 4th time I've done it since 1997--also did it 2000, 2003, 2008) is that I'm not so good at saying No. Sometimes, I need to claim my own writing time. I know what I need/want to do, but I don't always necessarily do it. So I'm working on saying no.

I've heard other women have problems saying no, and I'm not just referring to the women in sexy bar clothes, but just in general, some of us tend to be nurturers--though I think I'm a little more self-indulgent, selfish, and quite open about my feelings (aka blunt) I do have a side of me that wants to help people. My dad would have called me a "do-gooder." Or maybe he would have said I need to make sure I take care of myself. Too. I think we all need to take care of ourselves.

I'll add a few updates about my Artist Way experience and what I discover.


On the Seattle Neil Diamond concert last night--

I was surprised to learn that I don't know as many of his songs as I thought, and in fact only truly love the karaoke songs (Forever in Blue Jeans, Cracklin' Rose, & Sweet Caroline). I hadn't occurred to me that Neil also sings songs I despise (Love on the Rocks, You Don't Bring Me Flowers, Play Me). About halfway through the concert, I turned to my husband and said, $@%#, he's the guy that sings "Heartlight" doesn't he?!

However, I am glad I went as it was a great time hanging out with friends (5 firefighters and their wives) and that it was the 5 firefighters who put together the evening on their own was worth it. ( I also realized last night that I don't think I could be married to anyone who wasn't a firefighter, which was kind of an odd thing to conclude, but I realized I would trust any of these guys with my life, and I can't say that about many people.) One day there may be a post or a whole essay about being married to a firefighter, but I'll save that for another day. I will add if you're a single woman, the majority of firefighters (both men and women) make good husbands/partners. Of course, they are home an awful lot... (this is both good and bad!)
Anyway, back to the concert--we thought we would be some of the youngest in the crowd, but we had a group of Seattle University boys behind us and I saw many younger guys who looked like a shorter and thinner versions of Ben Affleck --the Affleck look was a popular Neil Diamond fan look.

It must have been our faraway seats, but the whole night I kept thinking of Michael Dukakis when Neil sang. I think it's the eyebrows.


Well, that's it from the peanut gallery today. I hope you are safe, warm, and happy.

be well.

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