Monday, September 15, 2008

Confession Tuesday

Dear reader, it's been seven sunny days since my last confession. The Northwest is saying yes to global warming with 80 degrees days, summer has arrived fashionably late and we are saying yes, yes, yes!

To the confessional--

1) Half of you saw my blog post about living simply and have half of you didn't. This is my special skill as a blogger, to screw things up.

However, because I was afraid the post was a little pollyanna-ish, a little too much violin solo as the Titanic went down, I didn't work to hard to make sure everyone saw it. The core message is to try to live on less and appreciate that you have your art and what you love. I can trim things down into tidy sentences like that, but sometimes in the morning, I just gab on and on and on. I hope it didn't sound too cheer squad to my own life. I think I was just trying to talk myself out of my own concerns, remind myself what's important.

2) Speaking of cheer squad, I have the gift of the pep talk. If you ever need one, just write me.

3) I just read this in the NY times:

CHICAGO — Senator Barack Obama raised more money in August than any presidential candidate has ever recorded in a one-month period, with his campaign disclosing on Sunday that it collected $66 million and drew 500,000 first-time donors to his candidacy.

I know that some people feel Sarah Palin is all that and a big of moose chips, but do not underestimate hope. If the Democrats lose this, they will lose it with scraped knees and empty wallets- I tell you, no one is going down easy on this election, it's just too important.

Please make sure you register to vote.

Along with pep talks, I also have studied the art of the lecture. And I will lecture you for not voting.

4) I have not submitted a poem in 43 days. That's what my "Days Since" widget says. That is longer than I would like.

5) I do not like the word "widget." I also do not like these words: meme, filibuster, panties, potty. I especially do not like it when grown men excuse themselves to go to "the potty." I think it sounds weird.

6) I do like these words: hope, lackluster, hipsway (which technically isn't a real word), foxtrot. I especially like it when men carry hope in their hipsway and not lackluster as they foxtrot their way out of the potty. (See how "potty" ruins moods.)

7) I shouldn't confess at night, a pre-confession, I'm too punchy.

8) Next week I'm starting the Artist Way with 5 friends. I hope to report about any synchronicities I may have. I'm reading the "Basic Tools" section right now. I seem to do the Artist Way every 3 years. It center me.


  1. I am hoping that Obama comes through in a landslide, so that there is no question who actually won.

  2. You crack me up. And I'll follow with a second lecture. Let me known of any offenders.

    Please add me back to the Confession list. Would love for you to visit me at Black-Eyed Susan's.

  3. Collin-- I hope there is a landslide, no recount, no waiting for Florida, no question election where Barack Obama wins. I'm not sure my heart could take anything else.

    Susan-- You're up! I had thought you were on my confessional, so thanks for mentioned that! (though I forgot the ') ;-)

  4. I don't like the word, "ping." It's office speak, as in "I'll ping you later." Maybe it's an East Coast thing.

    Hope the voters come out in droves for an Obama win.

    Thanks for confessing!


    Oh, I wasn't sure who the tilde (~) was posting on my blog. Glad to know it's you!

    Dodge 2010 for you, my dear.

  5. "ping" would annoy me too. I've never heard that out here.

    And it is me! I'm ~ I thought my photo would show up so people would know!

    I had my name in the bio and I thought it read funny on my page with Kelli Kelli so I changed it to a symbol...I'm like Prince (or the artist formerly known as prince)


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