Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Confession Tuesday... night!

Live from Washington State, it's Tuesday night! How did the day get away from me? And I confess, I forgot to confess. Since I only have about 2 hours left (PST), I'll start the confessions rolling...

1) I love the CBS Sunday Morning Show because they highlight artists and odd little events and personalities no one knows about. I liked the story this week about Dewey, the library cat (from Kansas, I think).

2) I've been reading the news way too much lately. I've kind of been caught up in the drama of it--what will happen? I've always loved memoirs and this seems to be what my mum would say in a bad time, "Oh, you're just living through history..." I'm so curious how this book is going to turn out. Infotainment.

It reminds me how I was, right after Sept 11 '01. Every morning I would wake up and race down to check the top stories to see if there had been another terrorist attack, to see if the world was still around. Today I realized moments before I checked the news to see if anything had happened overnight, that I was fine. My family was fine. My house was fine. And that if I had to check in with someone else to see if I was okay, I was completely missing the bigger picture, as well as the definition of okay.

(Okay: all right: being satisfactory or in satisfactory condition)

I have come up with a few nuggets of knowledge from watching CNN today:
Even the experts have no idea what they are talking about
And Suzie Orman is really annoying.

I've decided to opt out of the information overload portion of this dilemma. I will be informed, but not overburdened. Someone, switch the channel back to What Not to Wear...

3) Tonight I made my first Apple Brown Betty of the season. However, it wasn't as good as it normally is (what am I forgetting?!) But even with that, plates were cleaned. It's time for me to find my big girl jeans and baggy sweaters, the winter body is on its way...

4)I went back and had my hairstylist "fix" my hair--basically, I had him cut off as much of the layers in the back as he could (aka my lunchlady hair). He served me green tea and chocolate (do not reward this kind of behavior, I say). The cut is now a sleek bob and takes 5 minutes to do. And when I say "sleek," I mean "easy." I realized I am hair-challenged.

5) I wish I had more writing confessions to share, but I have spent my day at a grade school and the only poetry I heard was when a little boy told me the Mediterranean Sea looked like the head of an elephant... And all of a sudden I could see it.


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  2. (Sorry, I deleted my comment.)

    I know exactly what you mean -- information overload. The last few weeks have been a roller coaster! And yes, Suzie Orman is annoying.

    You'll have to post a picture of your hair do redux.


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