Monday, June 16, 2008

Summer Hiatus...

Dear Reader,

I'm packing up shop this week, meaning, I'm leaving the laptop inside and wandering out into the world again.

I live in the Northwest, which means for the last 9 months I have worn a halo of fog, of cloud cover.

Last night I looked at my home--shoes everywhere, sand everywhere, I've got a terrible burn on back-- Hallelujah, it's summer! We made it! And now I must worship the glowing orb, the dragonflies, the blooming everything.

I may check in occasionally and leave a virtual postcard, but mostly, my life will away from the computer until the air starts to get cool again.

This week I'm finishing up projects, maybe I'll send out a poem or two so I can look forward to Clara, our mail lady bringing me something good. But mostly, summer for me about connecting with the beach, the garden, the forest, the sea, with family and friends, always with family and friends. It's about filling up again and reconnecting with the natural world, which I only skim by.

Plus, it's my time with my family, downtime and vacation time and camping time. And look at this photo with Mt. Rainier in the background, summer is gorgeous in the Northwest and I need to be outside being part of it, I mean, we live in the Northwest, it will be cloudy/rainy/windy/foggy before we know it. I need to soak up some Vitamin D and Dairy Queen chocolate chip cookie dough + M&M blizzards. Life is about milkshakes and downtime.

I hope you each get some days just to sit and watch clouds change shapes. A few more posts this week, then I will see you in the fall.

Happy sunshine.

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  1. Have a great summer, Kelli!

    Hmmm...M&M Blizzard.


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