Thursday, June 26, 2008

Summer breeze makes me feel fine, blowing through the jasmine in my mind....

Since I'm quoting Seals & Crofts (1972), summer must be starting. A few things before I close up shop for summer--

New Kid in Town & Up All Night—

The excitement of having a new cat caused my older cat Abby to somehow get locked out of the house. All my cats are indoor cats so this was quite the excitement when we noticed her sitting on the back porch panicking. I’m wondering if maybe this was her attempt to get the attention back onto her, perhaps the cat version of “I don’t like my new little brother so I’m running away.” Except, the door must have shut and because she’s normally a nocturnal cat that hides, we didn’t notice she was missing and went to bed early.

But oh the guilt I felt this morning when I realized she was outside all night by herself. Poor dear. Our area is known for coyotes eating cats and strange creatures roaming the midnight hours, so thankfully, my little cat hid under our porch all night and was fine. Anyway, she is back inside and happy again. And we’re doing a headcount to make sure all our furry friends are accounted for before bed (I still have no idea *how* she got out.) Though honestly, I don’t think she’s going to go near an open door for the rest of her life.

Stepping Out—

Second Manuscript feels good about itself and is heading out in the world in a new outfit.

Writing Shed—

As I type this, shrubs and pussywillow blocking home to shed are being cut down. We’re on our way. I’ve taken the before photos. Can’t wait for the after.

Postcard from the beginning of summer—

And good thoughts to everyone over the summer in all that you do. Take time to watch the clouds and drink a cold glass of lemonade. Carry a notebook, but don’t work too hard at anything. Relax.
I may stop by here and leave a virtual postcard, but I’ll be back for sure in September, so until then have a great ride!


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  1. What a great idea to take it off line for the summer, Kelli, but I'll miss your presence in the blogosphere. Hope that summer breeze keeps a-blowing for ya.


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