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Let's Pack!

This sounds fantastic!
I've worked with Peggy before and she's an incredible poet and teacher.

The Extravagant World: A Writing Retreat in Costa Rica April 17—26, 2009

Imagine the flash of color as a flock of Scarlet Macaws flies overhead. Hear what silence really sounds like in a mangrove forest. Or, find yourself face to face with a Two-toed Sloth. These are but three of the hundreds of unforgettable experiences we will have during our writing retreat in Costa Rica. Here we will all slow down, watch, and listen. Directed writing exercises prior to our trip will engage us in the work of close observation. In Costa Rica, we will concentrate on extending our sensory awareness, paying mindful attention to our surroundings and to our inner landscapes. We will write each day, drawing from what we take in as we view the incredible variety of plant and animal life in the rainforest. Precise images transformed into language will change how we see our place in the world. We'll have opportunities to share new work and to listen actively to the words of other writers, enjoying that rare gift--time to write in a place of amazing beauty.

This is a writing retreat for writers across genres. Limit 12 participants.


Peggy Shumaker's work is shaped by two arid landscapes--the Sonoran desert of southern Arizona and the subarctic desert of interior Alaska. She's very much looking forward to the ways that wetter places--the rainforests and cloud forests of Costa Rica--will enter and change her imagination. Recent books include Blaze, a collaboration featuring Shumaker's poems and the art of Alaskan painter Kesler E. Woodward, and Just Breathe Normally, a lyrical memoir.

Eloise Klein Healy, cofounder of Eco-Arts, and Founding Chair of the MFA in Creative Writing Program at Antioch University Los Angeles, has lead five writing/natural history trips to Costa Rica with her partner, Colleen Rooney. Healy is often described as an "urban nature writer" for her examination of how wildlife lives and thrives in metropolitan areas (Artemis In Echo Park). Her most recent collection of poems is The Islands Project: Poems For Sappho. Healy is also a reviewer for The Los Angeles Times Book Review.

Colleen Rooney, co-founder of Eco-Arts, has a doctorate in environmental studies with an emphasis on the social sciences. Her core belief as an environmentalist is that the natural sciences can provide us with data about global environmental problems but only a profound change in human behavior can effect needed solutions. Colleen will serve as our guide to the birds, plants, and animals of Costa Rica. She will also provide natural history presentations as we travel around the country.

COST: $2,200 (includes workshops and lectures, lodging, in-country transportation, and most meals)

For more details, see http://www.eco-arts.net. Click on Costa Rica 2009. Here you will find our travel itinerary, writing retreat schedule, list of

activities (guided walks, park visits, hanging bridges tour, optional zip line, mangrove forest boat trip), cost of the program (including lodging and food), and travel tips.

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  1. If you go Costa Rica a must visit is Turu Ba Ri Park (www.turubari.com)


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