Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Writing It Real In Port Townsend! A Conference for Fiction Writers, Non-Fiction Writers, and Poets: Thursday, June 26th – Monday, June 30th

Port Townsend is an inspirational place to write and a relaxing place to visit. Come join like-minded individuals in a lovely Victorian seaport where daylight lingers till nearly 10 pm. Our program of lectures, panels, brown bag lunch presentations, small-group discussions, manuscript workshops and in-class writing exercises will guide you to deeper and more meaningful writing. We have three poets on staff who work in prose as well as poetry: Susan Rich, Meg Files and Sheila Bender. All of our lectures and exercises will help you write stronger poems as well as lyric narrative.
Includes a tour and reception at Copper Canyon Press.

Since 1999, our faculty's trademark has been enthusiasm, warmth and genuine down-to-earth instruction in lectures and small-group instruction. Check out our conference highlights for a detailed description of the workshops and lectures.

For fees, registration, travel and accommodation information, and scheduling see our
conference website or email conference@writingitreal.com .


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