Monday, June 23, 2008

Confession Tuesday

I know, I said LAST week was my last confession Tuesday, but I'm still around (thank you clouds), but also I have a little news... we adopted a new cat and

I confess, this is not my cat (see above photo). BUT the one I adopted a cat looks very much like this cat and I haven't uploaded my photos yet. So, let's just pretend it is my cat.

The cat has the odd name of Ace Wendell Presley. Each of us choosing a name for it. Ace is the name my daughter choose, I think because she's been gambling lately at the casino and is always hoping for an ace in her hand. Okay, actually, I think there is a cartoon dinosaur with that same name. I named it Wendell after Wendell Berry because a friend just loaned me his book. And my husband went with Presley after Lisa Marie... I'm kidding, actually Elvis, though I think he wanted to name Elvis, but ended up with the 3rd naming spot.

So Ace the Kitty, is the mellowest cat I've ever seen. You can carry him however you want and he doesn't freak out, bite or claw. He wants only to be pet and he doesn't do that awful NNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO growl in the car when you take him for a drive (not that I'm touring him around town, but from the pet store back to my house, he just did one small "meow" then rested quietly and patiently in his cat carrier.) And given that all my cats have been psychopaths (a term I use with love and only in the best possible way), I'm not sure what to make of a cat who doesn't stick to the ceiling when you surprise him or doesn't want to claw your face off when you accidentally pet him one time more than it seems he would like.

Hopefully, I'll have some photos to post soon, but just imagine the cat above with closed eyes because this kitty believes highly in his beauty sleep.

And the story behind this guy? He was found outside in my town just hanging around. They've looked for weeks and no owner has claimed him or called the shelters for him, so looks as if we're back into the Kennel club-- 3 cats (Eliot, Abby, & now Ace), one golden retriever (Buddy Holly), one hedgehog (Hedgie), one betta fish (Neruda), and a series of unnamed goldfish in our pond. And people ask why I don't have more kids. Seriously, if I had more kids, it would only be to help with our growing family of pets.

For some reason, I just knew this was going to be our cat. Even another poet friend happened to see it and thought it should be my cat too. We weren't even looking for a cat. And maybe that's why we found him. My other cats are making Ace feel comfortable by hissing and spitting at him. They are in a general state of disgust that there home has been invaded by a grey and white fluffybottom. So be it. They were all cats who needed homes once and came from various non-glamorous lives themselves--Eliot taken from an Albertson's grocery cat and Abby was rescued from the woods.

Anyway, here I am. Another Tuesday. I promise to be gone by next week.

I said I wasn't confessing and that was last confession for the summer, but I guess I have to confess for that unintentionally lie. Please forgive me for being an optimist with our weather, I swore I would be outside cutting down trees for my writing shed. I confess I've lived in the Northwest for 39 years now but still always trust the weather to change before it usually does.

And bless this cat.


  1. Ah ha! I knew we'd get one my confession out of you.


    Congratulations on the new addition. Sounds like you found each other, which makes everyone extremely lucky. Pictures please.

    Love the name Ace for a cat.

  2. Congrats on the new kitty! I say that all households could use another cat (except for mine -- in our apartment complex we are allowed one pet only. So we have one pet).

  3. Congrats on the new member of your family!

    Glad you're still confessing!

    Have a great summer!

  4. Wow cool name for a Betta Fish my Blue one is name Bridai(King of the Picts who meet with St Columba) also a Pictish King who defeated the Romans.

  5. Congratulations!

    He looks similar to one of my cat friends at work. (You end up with a bunch of cat friends when you work at a pet resort).

  6. He's gorgeous--I always wanted a gray cat. Are you going to call him AWP for short? Now that is TRUE devotion to the writing world!

  7. Thanks everyone! He's fitting in quite well!

    James-- Betta fish are the cooleset.

    Sandra-- that is too funny about the AWP, I hadn't even realized that!

    Hopefully more pics to come soon.


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