Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Confession Tuesday

It is late morning on a Tuesday and I have not confessed. Though when I think about my post it seems like a confession, or perhaps just me be whiny. Whiny does not equal confessing.

I told my daughter recently that we all grow out of whiny, but that's sort of a lie. I know a few whiny people. Annoying whiny, not funny whiny. I like when people are able to laugh at their situations and I appreciate funny whiny. Funny whiny is knowing you have to do something you don't want to do and appreciate the humor of the horrible task. Annoying whiny believes the world should change to make your life better. Annoying whiny doesn't realized the world doesn't change but we have to.


I guess I'm sort of confessing now, I better keep going to keep the blog gods happy--

I changed my cellphone's ringtone to Don Henley's "Boys of Summer" because I was anxious for warm weather and now I'm afraid I've turned my favorite song into annoying interruption. I think I'll return it to what it was, Elvis Costello's "Every Day I Write The Book."


I saw CD Wright do a poetry reading in her socks.


If I'm ever filling out something that asks my favorite color, I always put "plaid." Actually, it's orange.


White birthday cake with white frosting wins every time.


I'm having a birthday party for a hedgehog and a stuffed zebra tomorrow. I would invite you if I could, but it's a closed gathering. The hedgehog gets a little hissy with strangers, and well, you probably wouldn't have the right shoes for a hedgehog party. I mean, who even has the right dress for a hedgehog party. I'm not sure what the hedgehog will be wearing, but I'm sure it will be sharp. (I think ZZ Top's "Sharp Dressed Man" was actually written for a male hedgehog at his birthday party.)


Last week after my poetry group, my friend was going to give me a 20 minute demonstration of the new Wii she bought for her family. I haven't played a video game since college, since Tetris or Zelda, so old I can't even remember who made it. Probably Nintendo.

Anyway, so this Wii thing is --dare I say it-- fantastic. We played baseball (I hit a homerun and pulled a muscle), tennis (I almost knocked over her side table), I did yoga (balance poses and warrior 2), I rode a cow, I did skeet shooting, I played billiards, I bowled. When I got home, I didn't fall asleep until 1:45 because I had so much adrenaline in me.

My favorites were yoga and the balance games, tennis, and baseball. I loved tennis the most, though they did replay the scene where I lost control of my player and jumped into the stands. I've heard parents complain about kids sitting in front of a tv playing video games and not getting exercise but this really seems like quite the active game. I don't think you need to be as wild as my friend and I were, but it was quite fun that way. I think it would hilarious at parties.

I learned later that they put a wrist strap on the remote because people were accidentally throwing them into their TVs.

If you've never seen anyone play the Wii, here's a videos of how it can be different than your normal video game.

Girl Playing Boxing on Wii (she looks -and sounds-- likes she's scared or fighting with invisible bugs, but she's actually just very into the game...)


One of my favorite luxuries in life is ground Starbuck's Breakfast Blend coffee (mild). My husband insists on grinding his own coffee, but I get huge satisfaction from opening a bag of already ground coffee, especially this flavor.


I love it when I see sale people in the "Ask Me, I Know" buttons. Though when I ask, they usually don't know. In fact, they are even surprised to see they are wearing such a button. Maybe they could change it to "Ask Me, I Should Know" as their current slogan is a little misleading. Or maybe I should be asking different questions.


I'm thinking about lunch now, so it's time to say ta-ta. Does anyone say ta-ta anymore. We should bring back ta-ta.

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  1. My ringtone used to be "Clocks" by Radiohead, but when I upgraded to an iPhone, I changed it to Gwendolyn Brooks reading "We Real Cool" (available from the Academy of American Poets). And then I forget my ringtone and it makes me jump every time.

    I've heard good things about the Fit Wii thing.

    And I'm not a coffee drinker but I'm partial to Starbucks hot chocolate.

    Great post!


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