Sunday, February 03, 2008

Sunday Check- In

I'm taking a break from responding to the poets who submitted to the motherhood anthology I'm editing with photographer, Elisha Rain. While I *love* to send the finalist letters that tell poets that their poems will go into the final group where we begin to match poems with specific photos, I so dislike the "Sorry to say no" letter, the rejection letter I have to send to another group of poets.

Of course, I know we won't be able to use all the finalists and some of them will receive a "sorry to say no" down the line, but right now, they are closer to being part of the anthology-- what remains is to see if we can we find a photograph that will work with the poem or a series of poems, and this is how we will choose.

Editing reminds me a poet that sometimes a poem is rejected merely because it doesn't fit. I've rejected poems today I really enjoy, but they don't quite fit the vision for the anthology. I try to make that clear in my response, but what the poet may see is the rejection.

I think that's important to remember as a poet, that *you* are not being rejected, but the poem may just not right. Also, editors are people who have varying moods. For example, there was a poem I considering rejecting last night, but was too tired to send the rejection. Then this morning with fresh eyes, I reread the poem and thought--why was I going to reject this? I'm imperfect and my tastes vary. I read things when we should be asleep.

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In other news--

In the nation's first-ever $3 trillion budget, President Bush seeks to seal his legacy of promoting a strong defense to fight terrorism and tax cuts to spur the economy.

I roll my eyes to the president again and again. Somebody wake me when he's out of office.

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  1. "Editing reminds me a poet that sometimes a poem is rejected merely because it doesn't fit."

    I've been in your position and appreciate you bringing up this point. Poets need to remember sometimes it's a matter a vision or space issue, and not a rejection of the writing.


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