Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Confession Tuesday

Dear reader, it has been one week since my last confession.

Tonight is also Fat Tuesday and I am eating milk chocolate as Lent begins tomorrow. I have never "cheated" during Lent, though there was that grey area regarding whether I should have had the apple crisp at Country Village. I learned my lesson. I moved apple crisp into the red zone. This year, to avoid grey area, I will give up chocolate (but not sweets).
This year, the Church of England suggests a carbon fast for Lent and I would recommend this for everyone (there's even a neat little 40 chart of what you can do to help the environment.)
But dear reader, you have waited long enough for my small confessions. I confess, my mind is wandering...

* * *

From the confessional--

1) I eat bags of sunflower seeds each week. They are in their shells and come two for a dollar at the market and I keep bags of them in my desk. I sometimes wonder if I am part squirrel.

2) Today is voting day. I’ve gone back and forth on whether to vote for Hillary or Barack. Honestly, the voting this year is so good it’s as if I’m trying to decide if wanted the key lime pie or the crème brulee for dessert—both are my favorites and I’d be happy with either one.

3) When I warm up my coffee, I always punch in 139 (a minute and thirty nine seconds) on the microwave. I’m not sure how I ended up with this number, but I believe it’s the perfect amount of time for reheated coffee.

4) Speaking of numbers, Jeannine Gailey called me last night to give me some good news for both of us. Did I say good? I meant great. There are angels in the world.
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