Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Confession Tuesday

Dear reader, it had been one week since my last confession. Mostly I've been busy with poetry, with writing, but occasionally I do something I can confess. Mostly, I'm a saint with a slightly crooked halo.

I confess I may not have a lot to confess.

1) Some of my biggest decisions have been made in airplanes or high places. I decided to leave Seattle and move to a small town alone on a flight over the Cascades after seeing Johnny Cash in the Spokane airport. I became a vegetarian on a British Airways flight back from London. I decided to quit my corporate job while having dinner atop the Space Needle and looking down over Seattle and thinking, There’s got to be something better out there.

2) I just bought my copy of Li-Young Lee’s new book Behind My Eyes and I haven’t read a page of it, but did look at the author photo.

3) We’ve had cable for one year and I regret getting it. The problem is that now it’s become norm, the way it’s always been, a commonplace. It’s sort of like letting your family sample 101 flavors of ice cream every day for a year and then telling them, I’m sorry, you’re only going to be allowed vanilla from now on. Though for me, it wouldn’t matter because I don’t really like ice cream.

4) Tomorrow my Nana turns 96 and I’m going to her birthday party. I know it will be fun and she’ll be happy, but I also know she won’t remember it.

5) While my Nana can’t tell me what she had for breakfast or even remember the conversation we had two minutes before, she can still play guitar, speak French, knit, and remember the name of the family that lived on the corner in the blue house in Boston in 1932. She can even remember the name of their dog.
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