Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Confession Tuesday

January of the blog PoetMom, decided to make Confession Tuesday something for everyone, so I've joined up (you can too) to confess every Tuesday.

I'm not sure what I'll be confessing (or even if it will be that interesting), but you're welcome to read along and see what's up. What I can promise? To be honest and to write about the things I'm thinking about right now.

I'm a very unperfect human being, so most likely, I'll have something to say each week.

Let's begin...

* * *

Forgive me, reader for I have sinned or thought about sinning, it's been eternity since my last confession--

1) When I was playing Scrabble last night, I accidentially chose 2 tiles, but I took the A because it helped me spell "jazzy" with the z on a double letter score (FYI-- For anyone wondering how I got 2 z's in Scrabble, the second z was a blank tile I already had.)

2) Later at my poetry group as I was critiqueing poems, I realized I was looking for words with "AV" in them because in my mind, I was preparing my next Scrabble move for the game I left at home. (I ended up spelling RAVE with the V on the triple letter score.)

3) The other night I became so distressed that my manuscript wasn't worthy, that I began to take it apart poem by poem and reorganize it. Finally after not making it better, I just felt too tired to go on. When I woke up the next morning I reread my old manuscript and decided I liked it. (I had to find an old file of it because I basically ruined the current version of it.)
I once read that John Berryman woke up each morning thinking he was genius and went to bed thinking he was a hack. Sometimes I think Berryman haunts my office.

4) I've noticed that whenever I hear about weird weather, I'm less likely to think "huh, that's peculiar" and more likely to think, "We're doomed, we'll never make it."

5) The other night the phone rang and I didn't answer it. When I looked there was a Florida number on my caller ID. I thought, "Could that have been an editor in Florida wanting to publish my manuscript?" (In my defense of sounding like an egomaniac, I had recently submitted to the Tampa contest.)

I went downstairs and googled the number. It was on a list of numbers of annoying telemarketers. Until I saw it was a telemarketer, I realized that I had huge hopes for this second manuscript and it made me a little nervous to realize how much I was invested (emotionally) it. I went to bed telling myself that even if there is a Santa Claus, I'm not to expect him to call my house at 8:34 p.m. with good news.

6) Sometimes I feel guilty because I eat more than my fair share of cake. But I just love the frosting.


  1. You should eat as much cake as you like, and then some.

    I am absolutely positively 100 percent certain that your manuscript will find a home. 2008 will be your best year yet!

  2. I used to make boiled brown sugar frosting for the cake, peel it off and eat it, then make some more.
    Ha! A confession--does it count if you're Episcopalian?

  3. oh, my! i've NEVER cheated (or bent the rules) in scrabble. the nerve! (just kidding, of course, but bravo to you for telling on yourself with that one. :)

    and i think so many of us can relate to the stress of something not being good enough and making an effort to "fix" it and realizing it may not have been so broken before and trying to go back and put it back together. aaaahhh!

  4. I love the intense scrabble competition! Great confessions!

  5. Hi, Kelli. A belated happy Birthday to you. That's one cool cake! Cheers! ~Anjie


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