Sunday, September 30, 2007

One Page at a Time...


It's been helpful reading over everyone's comments and ideas on my giving up writing post.

Some things I'm thinking about--

1) To allow the schedule to create me instead of me creating the schedule-- or in other words, don't try to cram inspiration into a 9-3 time zone. I need to remember that up until this point, my writing has always taken place without an exact schedule and to appreciate that.

Under that same idea, Nancy reminded me that it doesn't matter how, when, or where that it gets done, but that it does. In the end, our work is our work and if someone works better on a 9-5 schedule and takes weekends off and I work better from 10 p.m-1 a.m. for two weeks straight then no writing for 2 weeks, that's okay too. Find the routine (or lack of routine) that works best for you.

2) I've never enjoyed submitting my work or the "administrative" part of the poet's life. I like to write. One day my personal assistant who will handle those tasks. Until then, that person is me and the job will happen on a day I feel uninspired. But I'm letting myself feel free to ignore the submitting part of the job for awhile.

3) Writing happens even when I'm not writing. Sometimes I get my best ideas while organizing the snack cabinet or washing dishes by hand.

4) I'm in it for the writing and for how I feel when I'm writing.

5) There are a thousand paths to choose and there is a point when I have to stop researching the best path for me and just take a step forward.

6) Like the 70's sitcom: one day at a time, one page at a time...
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