Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Sorry to have been away, this National Poetry Month should be called National Let's-Have-Every-Poetry-Event-Stacked-On-Top-of-Each-Other Month.

But I've put all the names for the poetry drawing in a hat for both of my blogs and here are the winners--

Inscribed/signed copy of my book SMALL KNOTS: January O'Neil

Inscribed/signed copy of my chapbook GEOGRAPHY: Ivy Alvarez

5 poetry broadsides from The Making of Peace series with poems by Jane Hirshfield, Lola Haskins, Martha Silano, Alisa Gordaneer, and Lisa Suhair Majaj: Valerie Loveland

Jeannine Hall Gailey's chapbook BECOMING THE VILLIANESS: Michael Wells

Bonus Prize-- Selected poetry broadsides from The Making of Peace series: Poet With a Day Job, Melissa Fondakowski

If the above winners could email their mailing addresses to me at: kells (a) agodon .com (of course, change the (a) to @ and smoosh the email address all together), I will mail out your prizes.


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