RE: RE: Personal Ad #6 by Michael Schmeltzer (Poems to rock your Lenten Season)

Here's a poem by a good friend of mine, Michael Schmeltzer, who you will be hearing much more from in this poetry world--

Re: Re: Personal Ad #6 (An Egg, Delicate, Repairs the Days Now Cracked)

When I first heard about the Twin Towers
I thought, “How do we move on from here?”
And the next day I cracked
and poured three eggs on a skillet,
made myself an omelet.
I bought            
boneless, skinless chicken breasts.
I made stuffing.
I baked an apple pie
with an old family recipe,
sprinkling cinnamon
generously over the crust.
In my head I colored each day
like another barn
in a paint-by-numbers landscape.
Do you understand?  
Let me put it this way; when we meet
I will fuck you
so moderately you will not want to call.
But you will.
Each number pressed will feel as rewarding
as stepping over a load
of dirty laundry. Do you know why?
Because we move on
by doing things that bored us before.

by Michael Schmeltzer

Previously published in Rattle #42, Winter 2013

~ Kells

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  1. Gorgeous! Can't wait for the rest.

  2. Great poem. Your line breaks in particular are well-placed. Love it. I see why it was published!

  3. What fun! Love the tarot angle, and allthose funny old photos, almost as much as Michael's poem! Can't wait to see what happens next...


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