Thursday, July 23, 2015

A New Book & Favorite Poem from Martha Silano


When she reaches the end
Of a shoe or a table, she keeps
Walking. If she needs the help of wings,
Wings appear. If she lands on her back,
Her hind legs find the world and turn her
Over. When the wings forget to fold,
They drag like a slip from a scarlet dress.

Where did this one in my kitchen come from?
Did a neighbor, in a fit of aphid rage,
Release a thousand? Is this a sign?
Am I to count the spots?

Time Teller, Child Bringer,
Pursuer of Missing Sheep:
What will be next?
Predacious diving beetles?
Scarabs named Goliath?
Bombardiers that shoot a puff of gas?
Don’t uninvited guests bring relatives?

But God’s Almighty Cow,
Marienkäfer and Kin to Hen and Dove,
How can I kick you out?

Girls put you on the tips of their fingers.
Where you fly they’ll meet a spouse.
Cousin to Whirligig, Sharer of Parts
With the Snouted Weevil, is this the home
Where you thought you’d find

Your children? Whoever sang to you lied.

by Martha Silano


~ Kells 

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