Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Beauty of Cancellations...

So yesterday I mentioned feeling stressed out and the universe responded by having two meetings I was supposed to have this week, rescheduled in March.

I know some people get sad, offended, or bothered when their lunch dates or meetings get put off, rescheduled, and/or cancelled. I am the opposite, for me it's like a snow day-- What? I don't have to leave my house?  What I don't have to put on acceptable clothing and wander into the world?

For me I feel as if I've been given a handful of time-- Go enjoy! Play! Write! Work!  It's yours to keep!

I realize how much I love my solitude, to stay home.

John Mulaney is my new favorite comedian, here's what he says:

So I have a day to catch up, to be in a quiet house... until carpool happens, until this evening happens, and my world extends into teenage girls, a drive to Kinko's, Pho, other people's schedules. . .

But for now, thank you Universe, for these next 8 hours.  I am grateful other people are crazybusy too.  Let's postpone everything until after AWP...

~ Kells

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