Saturday, August 03, 2013

Poetry Books by Women Needed: A Request

Susan Rich & I are putting together our famous "Welcome Baskets" for the poets of Poets on the Coast and want to include one book of poetry by a woman poet for each of them.

We will be creating a Reading List / Donor List for our participants and your name & book title will also be included here.

We see this as a sort of "weekend mentorship" for your book to connect with another writer over the weekend and to be there with her when she returns to her room to write.

If you have a book (or 2 even) of poems you'd be willing to donate, we'd love include you.

Our participants come from all over the country and we'd love to share your work with a new audience!

If you're interested, you can mail your books to me (before August 31) c/o Crab Creek Review at:

Kelli Agodon
c/o Crab Creek Review
PO Box 1524
Kingston, WA  98346

Thank you in advance for all who participate.  And if you want, drop me a note at kelli (at) agodon .com  to let me know you're sending a book.

~ Kells

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Maureen said...

What a lovely idea!

I'd be happy to send a copy of "Neruda's Memoirs: Poems" if you'd like to include it.

Kelli Russell Agodon said...

Maureen --

Wonderful! Thank you so much! We'd LOVE it!

Angela France said...

Are you only looking for American poets? I could send you a copy of my newest collection, if you'd like an English poet in the mix.

Kelli Russell Agodon said...


International would be wonderful! We are just looking to share other women poets with our group of women, so you being from England is an extra gift! Thank you!

Pam said...

Do they have to be books we wrote, or can we donate books by any American woman poets?

Kelli Russell Agodon said...

Pam-- Any woman poet is welcome if you want to donate it we're open!


Angela France said...

I have posted mine - it should be with you in a week or so. Could you let me know it arrives please? angela dot france at sky dot com
Thank you!

AJ Snook said...

Hi Kells, Just ran into your blog today and really like it. My blog is all about the link between creativity and spiritual philosophy. I'm a writer, too, and getting my first novel out in not too long. If you are ever in need of a guest writer, please let me know. - AJ (

AJ Snook said...

Hi, I really like your blog. My blog also has a central theme around the creative process and living creativity. If you'd like a guest writer, please let me know! Thanks, AJ (AJ Snook's Mindloft)

Rose Kelleher said...

I'd be happy to send two of mine, if you want. I'll try to get to the PO this week.

Maryann Corbett said...

I've packed up a copy of my first book, and I'll get to the PO by the weekend.

LouAnn Muhm said...

I'd be happy to send a book, Kelli.

allysonmwhipple said...

I know I'm bearing down on the deadline, but I'm sending you a copy of my chapbook today!

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