Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Confession Tuesday: When In Doubt, Watch Clouds

Dear Reader,

I confess it's been a couple weeks of dizzy.

Of list and list and list and catching up.

I confess my office light just went out.  This is some sort of sign that I should be asleep, but I am writing my confessions early to catch up on all I've been behind on.

It feels good to cross things off your list.

Whether To Do or bucket, shopping or Christmas.  I like long lists to get shorter.

While life can get busy or crazy or a little of everything, I don't forget to slow down, to watch teh waves or the clouds.

The other night I went outside with my iPhone while my neighborhood slept to record the Pacific Northwest treefrogs in their March chorus.  They are so loud.  After awhile they don't sound like frogs anymore, but some sort of forest music being played.

They are so loud they keep people awake.  Lucky people.
I could listen to them for hours but they put me to sleep.

I confess I spend a lot of time on my bed looking out my window watching the clouds.  Tonight a bald eagle flew right by my bedroom window.  This is such a gift even though the eagle flies by our window daily and around the same time.  He was closer tonight.

I confess I do get dizzy and I know watching clouds is the solution.
I haven't forgotten the second part.


~ Kells

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