Monday, April 18, 2011

Where in the World is Kelli Agodon?

I'm going to be out and about this week---actually, this is a lie--I'm going to be in and focused, working diligently on some of my own writing projects, so I won't be blogging this week except for Confession Tuesday & Thankful Thursday.

If you do see a blog post other than the Tuesday/Thursday ones from me, it means I'm not working on what I'm supposed to, so please call me out on it.  (Thank you, I appreciate your tough love, if needed).

And in case you were curious, here are my two projects I'm focusing on this week--

1)  Manuscript 3 (poems)

2) A memoiry-type creative non-fiction piece on the challenges of leaving the "real" world to go on a retreat and the challenge that face us when we return.


And here's what I'll be pondering while I'm away (feel free to ponder it as well)--

What are the possibilities in trusting your art?

Or...What are the possibilities when you trust your art?


Feel free to leave comments about that while I'm away...
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